Acupuncture Weight Loss

Obesity is an issue in the western world, and it is steadily getting worse. Weight loss is difficult for many people, even if they have reasonably good diets and engage in some exercise. The human body has to be kept is good working order for a satisfying life, and weight loss is difficult if this order is not maintained. Sometimes more than exercise and diets need to be addressed.

Acupuncture can be used to optimise the bodies functioning. It can decrease appetite, making a sensible diet far more satisfying, and it can increase the metabolic rate, so more calories are burnt during daily living. These effects are seen in the longer term as weight is steadily lost, but the increase in endorphins is almost immediate. Endorphins make us feel better about ourselves. Feeling better about yourself is a good goal in its own right; but is also prevents the type of overeacting that come from emotional problems.

Weight loss acupuncture usually staples the ears. The ears are stapled in two places, and left this way for three to six months. This is different to the usual method of inserting pins into the body during a session and removing them at the end.

Combined with diet and exercise acupuncture increases weight loss. Individuals undertaking diet and exercise alone lost less weight.


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