Development of Ear Acupuncture

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture first appeared in France in the mid 1950’s. Dr Paul Nogier noticed that a patient’s backache was relieved if they received a burn on the ear.

Dr. Nogier visualised the ear as a person in the foetal position, with the head pointing downward. He would treat an individual’s ailment by treating the corresponding part of their ear.

A study in Korea compared Auricular acupuncture using one insert point with Auricular acupuncture that used five insert points and contrasted them with a placebo treatment. The study did not inform the participants which particular treatment they received till after the trial had been completed.

At the conclusion of the trial the researchers noticed that the individuals receiving the five point treatment lost the most body fat, particularity around the abdomen. The individuals with the single point treatment lost almost the same amount of weight while the placebo group showed no significant weight loss.

The blood pressure of the three groups appeared unaffected by the treatment.

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