Acupuncture has direct and indirect benefits for fertility treatment. It can increase the chances of conception and successful pregnancy. It can also reduce the side effects bought about by In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Fertility Acupuncture Sydney

Optimal health increases the chances of successful conception. Some conditions such a blocked tubes will prevent normal conception. But individuals who have has no success with conception, even as they appear normal and healthy, may greatly benefit from acupuncture.
Chances of conception can be reduced by hormonal factors. If menstruation shows any irregularity it may be a sign of an underlying problem. A few weeks of acupuncture can balance hormones and make the reproductive cycle far more regular. Once this is working properly the chances of successful conception significantly increase.
Autoimmune disease can prevent a conceived embryo from successfully implanting. This autoimmune issue can be affected by stress and lifestyle factors. Acupuncture can restore correct immune functioning, often in the space of a few days. This restoration can last several weeks, allowing a conceived embryo to implant correctly.

IVF Acupuncture Sydney

IVF is used when couples have has no success conceiving a child. It is expensive and each attempt has a success rate below 50%, making multiple attempts necessary. Acupuncture increases the IVF success rate, statistically reducing the number of attempts required. Given the expense of each IVF treatment, it is cost effective to use IVF and maximise chance of success. Acupuncture also reduces the nausea most patients feel with the IVF procedure.

Male Acupuncture Fertility, Sydney

The quality of male sperms is affected by many diet and lifestyle choices. Avoiding processed foods, alcohol and smoking will notable improve sperm quality and quantity. Losing excess weight is also beneficial.
A short course of acupuncture, from 5- 10 weeks, can greatly improve male sperm condition and increase chances of conception. Couples may benefit if both than male and female partner undergo acupuncture.