Pregnancy Acupuncture Sydney

IVF (In Vitro fertilization) is used by couples unable to conceive by regular methods. MJ clinic does not perform IVF treatment, but it does provide acupuncture treatment to assist the success of IVF.
Some problems are hindered by meta-problems. There are valid and useful treatments for infertility problems, but these can be hindered by other underlying health issues.
IVF success rates are below 50% per attempt, which is why most couples must make several attempts before successfully conceiving. This success rate can be improved if the patient is in optimal health. As each attempt is expensive the cost of many treatments is prohibitively high. Anything that reduces the number of attempts is beneficial and helps reduce overall cost.
Acupuncture is of great benefit is improving health and maximising IVF success. Chances of successful conception are normally below 50%, but will increase to above 65% with appropriate acupuncture treatment. This same acupuncture treatment will also reduce the chances of early miscarriage and other birth complications.
The patient who wishes to maximise their chances of successful IVF treatment should start a course of acupuncture three months before the first IVF attempt. This course will improve blood circulation, balance energy, regulate the reproductive cycle, and generally optimise health. It also tends to regulate the menstrual cycle and help with any bloating and nausea later bought about when undergoing the IVF treatment.

Economics of Pregnancy Acupuncture Sydney

As IVF is so expensive, and often requires multiple attempts before successful conception, it makes sense to maximise the possibility of each attempt. A course of acupuncture is far less expensive than a second attempt at IVF, and has the additional advantages of improving overall health and reducing the nausea and other effect of IVF. This is obviously of some help to prospective parents.