Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease of the skin that the skin cells attempt to shed its own faster than its renewal speed. Around 2% of the Australian population are suffering from psoriasis.
The new cells pushed to the surface are not fully mature and requires increased blood flow and nutrients which makes the skin red. Also it results producing scaly and flaky skin.

What triggers psoriasis?

Psoriasis triggers are various to each person. What may cause one person's psoriasis to become active, may not affect another. Well known psoriasis triggers include stress, injury to skin, certain medications such as Lithium, Antimalarials, Inderal, Quinidine, Indomethacin, and some infection.
Furthermore, cold weather, smoking and heavy alcohol consumption are also factors may trigger psoriasis.
There is no cure for psoriasis in western medicine.

Symptoms and Signs

  • Red Patches of Skin
  • Thickened, Ridged Nails
  • Dry, Cracked Skin
  • Itchy, or Burning skin
  • Blisters
  • Scaling Spots
  • Bleeding Skin
  • Swollen Joints
  • Silver Looking Skin
  • Dry, Itchy Scalp

Diet/Lifestyle advice

No flour
No bread
No oily greasy food
No deep fried food
No spicy food
Less meat more vegetables and fruits
No smoking
No alcohol intake
Stress relief-ex meditation, yoga

Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to treat psoriasis

The human body is a complex electrical circuit, circulating a specialised biological energy called Qi(chi). Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine enforce to link and to integrate Qi throughout the body. When your body and mind are in balance itself, your health will be kept on track. If you are exposed to physical tiredness, emotional stress, harsh weather or long-term unhealthy lifestyle, the balance of Qi will be disrupted, resulted in health conditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic methods, including in measuring the pulse, inspecting the tongue, skin, eyes and by looking at the eating and sleeping habits as well as many other things will be conducted to detect the route of your conditions. The Initial consultation and treatment may take around 1hour 15 min and subsequent treatment may take around 45min. The number and frequency of treatments will be discussed with you and we will provide diet and lifestyle advice to increase the effectiveness. Chinese Herbal treatment may/may not be required depends on your condition.