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Rhinitis is an irritation of the nose, often connected with inflammation, hindered breathing, mucus and sneezing. It can be caused by an allergy or an infection. It is more common in some countries than others, with western nations having a 10 – 30% annual occurrence.

Rhinitis Cure Sydney

As the causes of Rhinitis vary so the possibility of cure also varies. Infections, such as the common cold, will disappear as the body deal with the problem, though this condition can be dangerous in the elderly or with those who also have more serious complaints. Using acupuncture to boost the immune system allows the body to more effectively fight infections, often preventing the illness from being contracted in the first place.
Rhinitis can also be part of an allergic reaction. Allergies are never cured, but they can be effectively treated to the point where they do not interfere with the individual’s lifestyle. Acupuncture can benefit Rhinitis sufferers in several ways, mostly be restoring the body to optimal health. A body that is healthy can effectively treat its own problems.

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Some allergies are a seasonal phenomenon. Some individuals react to plants that bloom at certain times of the year. Other individuals have allergies that flare up in cold or damp weather. The prevalence of viruses and other infections only complicates this situation. There is a ‘cold season’ at the beginning of winter, and many people find that an annual does of the flu seems unavoidable.
Acupuncture can bring the body to optimal health. This can both cure pre-existing problems and prevent further issues from occurring. Those with allergies can find the symptoms are easily coped with when the body and immune system are fully functional. Infections can be far less of a problems when the body’s immune is able to deal with them adequately, with individuals often finding they can avoid man infections altogether.

Rhinitis Acupuncture Sydney

Acupuncture can effectively deal with Rhinitis issues, whether caused by infections or allergies. Individuals find their lifestyles are greatly benefited if they are no longer suffering from inflammation, itching or hindered breathing.