Natural Concepts

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture approach health and disease holistically. The human body and an individual’s lifestyle are complex systems, and need to be kept in alignment, much as a natural ecosystem or a mechanical device need to be kept in good order. There are a multitude of factors effecting healthy living and illnesses. Changes to a system can be as simple as altering one element, or might require several changes and treatments working together.


– Releases endorphins in to the bloodstream, which are the body’s natural painkillers and promote wellbeing.
– Can balance hormones and regulate menstrual cycles.
– Can regulate circadian rhythms and improve sleep quality
– Can accelerate healing by reducing inflammation, bruising and pain.
– Can assist with withdrawal symptoms and reduce appetite cravings.

Acupuncture increases energy and blood circulation in all areas of the body, and helps strengthen the body holistically. Stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression can be treated by allowing a body to run at optimal efficiency.

Individuals undergoing any type of medical treatment or condition can benefit greatly from acupuncture. Having your body in peak condition, meaning that your immune and healing system are in peak condition, allows optimal results in any medical situation. Acupuncture can effectively lower biological age, allowing a person to feel and react to situations as a younger person could.

Couples with fertility problems can use acupuncture to help conception; either with the aid of IVF treatment which acupunctures helps optimise the body for, or with the aid of Chinese herbs for a natural conception.