Weight Loss Treatment


Weight gain and obesity are a concern for a large section of the population. The causes of weight problems are numerous and complex. In most cases there is no single factor or simple solution, and the individual’s situation must be approached holistically. Physiology and lifestyle are interacting systems, and must be treated accordingly.

Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in treating weight issues. Healthy eating and exercise are always essential, but many find them hard to maintain. Acupuncture treatment is often the missing element.

If energy levels are low, as is often the case with overweight bodies, acupuncture can boost the metabolism, making exercise, and even just general living, much easier to maintain.
If overeating or poor nutrition is an issue, then acupuncture can relieve the cravings for sugar, carbohydrates, salt or other problem foods. A decrease in appetite goes along way for steady weight loss.

Acupuncture treatment works with healthy living to optimise weight loss and maximise energy and alertness. While there is no single magical element that can solve weight issues, acupuncture can often be the missing factor that prevents dieting and good intentions from reaping any reward. Avoid frustrating your best efforts and giving up too soon. Use our acupuncture methods to get the results you are already striving for.

Double blind test have shown that people on identical diets lose twice the weight when combining their exercise and diet methods with ongoing acupuncture treatment. In addition, acupuncture seems to decrease cholesterol levels, increase metabolism, and regular quality sleep, al of which contribute significantly to weight loss an overall health.

Successful acupuncture weight loss will require an initial consultation/treatment of about 90 minutes, followed by several ongoing treatments of 40 minutes each