How often do you come across a random set of glasses and question if they’re for real or just a cool accessory? I know how hard it is! We’re here to help you make sense of your glasses and find your way through the rabbit hole.

Glasses are the protectors of your eyes, ensuring that they continue to provide you with clear and undistorted vision. It might be confusing to tell the difference between prescription and non-prescription glasses because of the similarities between the two.

Don’t worry; we’ll explain the indications to look for so you can identify if the glasses you’re considering buying are indeed prescription glasses or just trendy eyewear. Enter the field of optometry with me as we explore the mysteries contained in those glasses.

What Is An Online Prescription?

A digital prescription, e-prescription, or e-script is a prescription issued by a doctor or other medical professional via electronic means, such as the Internet or a telemedicine service. Medical consultations and prescriptions can now be obtained electronically without the need for patients to physically visit a doctor’s office or clinic.

Here’s how the process typically works:

Online Consultation

Through a telemedicine platform or website, you can schedule an appointment or consult with a healthcare professional remotely. This can be done via video calls, phone calls, or online messaging.

Medical Evaluation

During the online consultation, the healthcare professional will discuss your symptoms, medical history, and any relevant information to assess your condition. They may ask questions, request images or videos, or use other digital tools to aid in the evaluation.

Diagnosis And Prescription

Based on the evaluation, the healthcare professional will make a diagnosis and determine if a prescription is necessary. If a prescription is appropriate, they will electronically issue the prescription to a pharmacy of your choice.

Pharmacy Fulfillment

With the online prescription, you can visit a local pharmacy or use an online pharmacy to have the prescribed medication dispensed to you. The pharmacy will verify the prescription electronically and provide you with the necessary medication.

Not all drugs or prohibited substances are eligible for online prescriptions, and in general, internet prescriptions should only be used for non-emergency medical issues. It is crucial to use a trustworthy telemedicine platform and adhere to local rules, as laws and policies about online prescriptions vary from nation to country.

For those with restricted access to healthcare facilities or who simply prefer the comfort of remote consultations, online prescriptions can be a boon. Prioritising your health requires you to check that any online consultations are being handled by licenced medical experts who are abiding by all applicable rules and regulations.

How Do I Know If My Glasses Are Prescription?

It only takes a few minutes and a few simple tests to figure out if your glasses are prescription or not. Follow these directions to get closer to an answer:

Lens Thickness

Prescription lenses are typically thicker in certain areas, depending on your specific vision needs. Examine the edges of the lenses and see if they gradually thin out towards the outer edges. Thinner edges suggest prescription lenses, while uniform thickness is more indicative of non-prescription lenses.

Optical Center

The optical centre of prescription lenses is precisely aligned to match your vision requirements. To check this, hold your glasses at arm’s length and focus on a distant object. While keeping your focus on the object, slowly bring the glasses closer to your face. If the object remains clear through the centre of the lenses, it suggests that they are prescription. Blurriness or shifting of the object may indicate non-prescription lenses.

Lens Distortion

Prescription lenses are designed to correct refractive errors, ensuring minimal distortion of objects when looking through them. Put on your glasses and observe if there is any distortion or warping of the viewed objects. If the distortion is minimal or nonexistent, your glasses are likely prescription. However, noticeable distortion may indicate non-prescription lenses.

Consult An Optician

If you’re still uncertain, it is always recommended to visit an optician or eye care professional. They have the expertise and specialized tools to accurately determine if your glasses have a prescription. They can also provide additional information about your specific prescription, if applicable.

In terms of eye care and whether or not your glasses are prescription is crucial. If you have been prescribed eyewear, it’s in your best interest to use them regularly for the sake of your eyesight and eye health.

Can I Get My Prescription For Glasses Online?

A valid eyeglasses prescription can be obtained online in many countries. Getting a virtual eye exam and prescription glasses is a service provided by several online eyewear businesses and telemedicine platforms. The typical procedure is as follows:

Online Vision Test

You start by taking an online vision test, which typically involves answering questions about your vision, reading letters or numbers on a screen, and performing visual acuity tests. Some online tests may also incorporate images or videos to assess your eyes’ health and function.

Remote Doctor Evaluation

Once you complete the online vision test, your results are reviewed by an eye care professional, usually an optometrist or ophthalmologist. They evaluate your responses, assess your visual acuity, and consider any additional information you provide.

Prescription Issuance

Based on the evaluation, the eye care professional determines your prescription needs. If a prescription is warranted, they will issue a prescription for glasses, including information such as the lens power for each eye, any necessary lens additions (e.g., for astigmatism), and other relevant details.

Glasses Ordering

With your prescription in hand, you can proceed to order glasses from an online retailer. Many of these retailers have a wide selection of frames to choose from, and they often offer guidance on frame styles that best suit your face shape or preferences.

It’s worth noting that not everyone can or should get their glasses prescribed online. They are most appropriate for folks who have normal vision and who don’t need anything more than a basic prescription for their glasses or contacts. In-person evaluation by an optometrist or ophthalmologist is the way to go if you have preexisting eye conditions or want to be sure your eyes are healthy.

Furthermore, the laws of various nations vary when it comes to filling eyeglass prescriptions online. When looking for a prescription online, it is important to adhere to local norms and laws.

In the end, people who only require basic eyewear can save time and effort by ordering their glasses through an online prescription service rather than making a trip to an actual optometrist’s office.


Online eyeglass prescription renewal services have increased in popularity and ease of use. Now that accurate online vision tests and remote doctor evaluations are available, people no longer have to visit an eye doctor in person to get their prescriptions.

It is crucial to remember that while many people with normal vision needs can get by with online prescriptions for glasses, this is not the case for everyone. Still, those who have complex eye disorders or special concerns should get a full checkup from an optometrist or ophthalmologist in person.

It’s important to adhere to local laws and use only reliable sites if you’re thinking about filling a prescription online. When it comes to online vision exams and prescription issuing, you want to make sure that they are being supervised by qualified medical professionals. Online eye exams and prescriptions provide you with a world of options for finding the perfect pair of glasses to fit your unique needs and tastes. If you need your eyesight corrected, this is a quick and easy option.

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